Press Release – Lamar Holidays May 2015

Zahran Wings Travel and Tourism rebrands as Lamar Travel

At the end of 2014 the final agreement was signed allowing Zahran Wings Travel & Tourism located in Riyadh and Jeddah in KSA, to be rebranded to become Lamar Travel. Retaining its focus on its key client base located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the new takeover will mean positive changes as it seeks to become the best in class travel agency within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Lamar Travel will continue to operate the two existing offices in Riyadh and Jeddah with an announcement on the 19th February that it already secured a new site in Jeddah to assist with the increased demand it has for travel outside the Kingdom. The new office will be fitted as per the new company branding that will be reminiscent of the already strong regard for its parent company Lamar Holidays. Growth over the coming few years will see this surpass 12 agencies strategically located in KSA to assist the needs of the local market to travel globally.

The new logo symbolises the liquid gold drop of “Lamar” encompassing the earth to embrace an unbiased ability to be reached, connected and attentive to all travel needs at any point in time. The internal look and feel will reflect an office that is also earthy, urban and contemporary, creating a unique and relaxed place to be seen and book a pending business trip or vacation. The use of purple in the logo reflects the vibrancy of the agency as this along with its commitment to its social responsibility programme will assist it to stand out in the market.

The company plans to expand over future years with new offices planned as Adrian Hearn, General Manager – Global explains “our commitment with our partner in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is to restructure the business and focus first on growth in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to ensure we build on the great service and tradition of offering great products at the best prices in the market”. The company as Hearn explains “see a period of focused growth to ensure the market receives the quality and service from Lamar Travel that can offer the most suitable products and prices to meet all travel needs.” The company will continue to focus on the individual travellers as well as the business and government traffic with a number of influential individuals already using Lamar Travel for all their personal and business travel globally.” Being linked to the Lamar Holidays system for rates and availability additionally allows them access 24 / 7 to being able to fulfil each request as required for their valued clients.

With positive sales year on year the company is looking again at double digit growth in all areas of the operation but with its commitment to growth will mean that additional training and product offerings are on their way to ensure Lamar Travel keeps up with the needs and demands of its most important asset, the customer.

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Adrian Hearn, General Manager - Global
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