Press Release – Lamar Holidays May 2015

Lamar Holidays to launch Online System at Arabian Travel Market 2015

To assist the evolving needs of the travel industry “Lamar Holidays” has since 2012 been developing a system that will enable suppliers to service clients with greater ease and efficiency in the field of global lodgings. This state of the art business to business (B2B) system already has a number of key agents booking regularly and has seen usage growth of 70% year on year. Operating from the head office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates Lamar Holidays has been in existence since 2008 building a strong working relationship with a number of key agents and bookers that have access via their personal and unique log in credentials. This allows them access to over 130,000 hotels in 10,000 locations 24 hours a day 7 days a week. There is a full service team dedicated to agents inhouse at Lamar that assist in the personalisation of itineraries, that cover anything from an interconnecting room to a VIP private jet with a meet and greet team on the runway upon arrival. Additionally teaming with reputed chauffeur car service, security and hostess companies means needs and requirements can be serviced and made available 24 / 7 to the needs of our exacting guests and clients.

The system is XML linked to the best global travel providers in the industry and assists agents to quickly seek hotel solutions at a moment’s notice. The addition of a local contracting team in Dubai, has greatly enhanced the products on offer to ensure any necessary price saving can be passed onto the agents to compete competitively with the global market and tech savvy consumer, as the company currently realises 30% of its business as inbound to Dubai.

The partner clients and agencies supporting Lamar Holidays are some of the most elite in the field of offering high end upscale locations for business and pleasure that services families, key high net worth individuals and even small to large groups travelling on business or leisure. Each customer is unique and personal attention is upheld through each request, with regular post travel communication to ensure all feedback and future needs can be accommodated offering an almost concierge like service, built around enhancing and developing personal relationships.

Firas Agha, CEO at Lamar Holidays said “We value the agents as much as the clients themselves, keeping them happy is key to our success as their positive PR is paramount to our success. We are here to help them deliver products and services faster and more efficiently than anyone else, something that is key to the last minute demands of our clients that year of year seem to spend more time travelling in the GCC and globally. “

With offices in Dubai, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Turkey, United Kingdom and United States of America the company is strategically placed to ensure access to products and services is on time and reply’s to agents at any time of the day or night are delivered as required. With technology developed and managed by Unicorn Systems, a new bespoke travel solutions provider, means the system was developed from scratch and built by agents for agents, ensuring functions are user friendly and relevant to deliver the right products at the right time and at the right price.

“Unicorn systems provided an easy to use system that offers simply the best rates and deals in the fastest possible time, we are delighted to have installed and rolled out this great system internally and with our valued suppliers.” Adrian Hearn, General Manager Global, Lamar Holidays

“The team at Unicorn systems have done a truly brilliant job in training and implementing this easy to use system into our global network of offices and suppliers as we have already seen a marked improvement in our ability to quote, confirm and manage our business with our valued clients.” Firas Agha, CEO, Lamar Holidays

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